Time Keeping Made Easy

Save hours and labor costs with simple, affordable time and attendance

It’s Time You Found a Better Way

Wouldn’t you prefer your employees spend their time working, rather than tracking? With every minute impacting your bottom line, it’s time to optimize your timekeeping.


Whether it’s biometrics, traditional badge swipe, or proximity badges we make it simple to get up and running in minutes.


Your staff needs instant and convenient access to time cards, schedules and time off requests. Empower employees with mobile.


Save countless hours planning and adjusting schedules with automated scheduling. Managing shifts has never been easier.

Simplify with Automated Timekeeping

Automated timekeeping is the best way to reduce the cost of labor. But there are more benefits than just cutting labor and administrative costs.

  • Reduce the cost of labor
  • Cut hours of admin time and paperwork
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Increase employee productivity and accountability
  • Manage staffing and labor costs with ease

View the Employee Portal interactive demo screens:

Time Keeping Overview

See how simple it is to begin reducing your cost of labor and administration. Our timekeeping solution is easy to set up and learn, and capable of simplifying your daily operations.

Touch Screen

Combine the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services.

View the TimeWorks Touch screen data sheet:

  • Minimize early arrival
  • Biometric verification
  • Wireless connection

Simplify time management while cutting costs

Automated timekeeping simplifies payroll in so many ways for HR, supervisors, and even employees. Cut hours of stressful administration into minutes of convenience. Take a look at just a small sample of the time-saving tools.


Employee Self-Service


Edit multiple cards at once


Automated overtime pay


ACA Reporting


Mobile access. GPS punching.


Holiday pay tracking


Job costing. Labor distribution.


Electronic time card approval


PTO Accrual Tracking

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