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User friendly, and easy to understand monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports, including W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms.

Detailed reports on your employee’s vacation, sick days, and personal days accruals.

Free Direct Deposits and solutions for unbanked employees.

Creation and filing of the required new hire reports

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Hiring a Consultant for Your Shakopee Business

Remembering and honoring Martin Luther King this week has me thinking once again about being a voice. It’s hard not to get inspired listening to the iconic words of the famous I Have a Dream speech (if you’ve never listened to the entire speech, it’s worth...

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How is your year starting out? We’re into week 2 of 2023 … would love to hear back from you on what are the challenges you’re facing in your Shakopee business finances right now.Relatedly, what are your customer service goals for this year?One customer relations tool...

Accepting Crypto Payments in Your Shakopee Business

First of all, congratulations on making it through 2022. Pat on the back for sticking with it through the very real ups and the challenging lows. Many of our Shakopee clients went through the wringer … others had their best year yet.From a personal standpoint, I think...

Federal Spending Impact on Shakopee Businesses

I don’t know about you, but after the holidays (and I hope yours were filled with good things and happy times with loved ones), I’m always a bit tapped out on the spending. But in true governmental fashion, Uncle Sam is piling it on. Seems like Congress missed...

Succession Planning Strategy For Shakopee Business Owners

The 2022 clock is almost at midnight.An end to a still somewhat crazy year — “the crazy” seems like our new normal, post-2020, am I right? There were a lot of challenges this year and they were … exhausting. Keeping up with the changes and adjusting to the economic...

Menden’s 8 “Right Now” Business Tax Moves

Ready for some yuletide cheer? Inflation might have hit its peak this year. So say the “experts.” That particular category of people hasn’t exactly covered itself with glory of late … so, we’ll see how that actually plays out for businesses in the coming...

Employee Gifts: Some Ideas for Shakopee Business Owners

Time is counting down until the year is up and your tax impact opportunity window closes.And even if this is the busiest (and perhaps most profitable) part of the year for your Shakopee business, opening up a little space in your calendar to talk about some year-end...

The New Congress and Your Shakopee Business

This time of year means big things for Shakopee businesses like yours… and big-red-bow-on-top opportunities thanks to the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas buying euphoria. Early indicators are that this has been a tepid start to the consumer holiday season, but...

Shakopee Businesses choosing to live out of a place of gratitude

This week is an opportunity.To comfort ourselves away from the noise of our clamoring-for-attention society with good food and (mostly?) good company ... for sure.But also, to pause. There's not many opportunities for that as a Shakopee business owner (without falling...

Our (Early) End of Year Checklist for Shakopee Businesses

When I think about the holiday season, I think "calm before the storm." That's because in my profession, once mid-December hits, we're scrambling to handle EOY matters. And then when the new year strikes, we're holding our breath for a few weeks ... and then tax...

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APS is one among the best payroll processing companies for simplifying your payroll and workforce management challenges. You never have to worry about paying penalties or interest due to a payroll or tax filing error. We guarantee all your deposits. Our service is convenient, flexible and above all, accurate. We guarantee it.​

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