Simple HR support with best-in-class HR tools

Put APS to Work for You

Managing human resources is increasingly complex and time-consuming. Changes occur constantly. Instead of spending internal resources on transactional HR functions, turn to APS and its Human Resources Support Center. Not only will you save time and money, you’ll eliminate stressful compliance issues.

Simple, Best-in-class HR Support

The HR Support Center provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources, for just a few dollars a month. From employee handbooks, job descriptions and other commonly used HR documents, to up-to-the-minute law alerts, easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries, and unique training videos, the HR Support Center will help you effectively manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs.

HR On Demand

Get unlimited access to our team of certified HR Pros who will answer your questions and create custom handbooks, forms and job descriptions for you.

HR Support Center

A comprehensive suite of online tools and resources to help manage your HR compliance and employee relationship issues.

The HR Support Center

Our cloud-based solution is available 24/7, and the exclusive contents created in-house by our team of certified HR Pros. Features include:


Customizable employee handbook template


Wide range of job descriptions


Quick Guides and checklists on common HR topics, including Health Care Reform and Termination


Extensive, easy-to-understand federal and state law libraries


Exclusive Training On-Demand videos


Custom-built HR podcasts


3-minute HR Audit to help quickly identify HR compliance gaps


Weekly HR Snapshot emails featuring a Q&A on trending HR topics

The HR On Demand Difference

6 ways HR On Demand can help streamline your HR.

Unlimited HR Consulting


Custom Employee Handbooks


Up-to-the-minute Support Ticket Tracker


Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents


Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training


HR Concierge Live Chat Assitance

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